During 2019, Masiero Lorenzo decided to invest in a research and development project relating to a new nappa glove shoe. This research and development also continued during 2020.

Research and development focuses on the phases of research and aesthetic conception and realization. This project concerns the development of a process for making footwear articles from nappa leather.

This material is known to be used to make gloves and similar leather goods, but is not used in the shoe industry because it is too flexible.

Calzaturificio Masiero is studying the development of a boot structure in nappa leather having the minimum number of reinforcements possible, and a manufacturing process for said boot. The studies and research concerned both the testing of materials and the various construction procedures relating to different pre-commercial prototypes

However, the flexibility and softness of nappa leather make it attractive in making luxury women’s boots.

At present, some models of boots made of nappa leather have been proposed which use a large number of reinforcements placed along the lines most subjected to stress.

The presence of such reinforcements (in the form of stitching visible on the outside and elements placed internally) however makes the boot aesthetically unattractive and comfortable.