Lorenzo Masiero was born in Padua, a city 30 km away from Venice, on 21 July 1946 and, at the age of only 11, he began working in the footwear making the first original hand-sewn moccasins.

At the age of 16 he began his true experience as a craftsman in an important Venetian company, refining all the craft techniques necessary for the creation of a high quality shoe, typical of the Riviera del Brenta also studying the use of different leathers.

After a few years Masiero Lorenzo became production manager and responsible for the creation of the models; thanks to his inventiveness and an incomparable technical ability, the company he works for prospers and grows.

In 1991 Masiero Lorenzo decided to create a handcrafted product that bears his name, in which to insert all the skill and creativity that have always distinguished him; this is how the Masiero Lorenzo shoe factory was born, in which over the years, first the sister and brother and then the three sons Luca, Monia and Erika are inserted, who decide to continue over time what their father started.

For many years the Masiero family has been making unique products of its kind and in particular the stretch boot without sewing, which to date, no one else in the world has yet managed to copy.